It is truly amazing that companies can stay afloat with just accessories alone. We have already reported on the quality ones from TYLT, and now it is time for iWalk.

The company has about twelve patented docking backup battery models. The batteries range in power from 800 mAh to 15,000 mAh.

Sure, a lot of companies have products like these, but this one has some that are quite unique. For example, they have the world’s first dual USB car charger with power switch. They also have the world’s smallest 800 mAh rechargeable docking backup iPhone/iPod battery, where sleek power switch batteries are merged seamlessly with a color-customizable hard case. The company also makes the first iPod/iPhone/iPad charging cable with a built-in indicator light.

Other products include the Sound Angle, a wireless Bluetooth speaker for smart devices that looks triangular in its shape.

It really seems like these mobile accessories companies really go out their way to make certain that you have the right peripheral that matches your outfit. It is hard to believe that we are at this level now in mobile technology.

The company iWalk has a lot a lot to offer users, and I would imagine that they intend to make quite a splash this year. I highly recommend going to their catalog here and see if there is anything that you need for your smartphone or iDevice. Of course, the prices range, but they are relatively affordable.

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