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Getting Paid Could Kill You Better watch out, a study from Notre Dame University suggests your chance of dying increases after you receive a windfall of cash. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, married or single.

The study examined millions of death records from four major groups of people over a three-year period. The groups included senior citizens on Social Security, military personnel, families with a tax rebate check and Alaskan residents with a dividend from Alaska’s Permanent Fund. For each demographic group, the study showed that death from a car accident, heart attack or drug abuse occurred soon after people were paid.

So why are people dying after they get paid? The research team claims people live on the wild side after their pockets are pumped full of cash. This increase in high-risk activity causes a statistically significant number of people to die. Who would have thought some extra money in your pockets could kill you? [Notre Dame via Disassociated; Shutterstock image/jcjgphotography]

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