Remember the Ghostbusters movie that came out in the first half of the 1980s? Well, that certainly kicked off quite a storm, where a cartoon series followed thereafter, not to mention a mountain of merchandise being introduced to the market as kids went nuts with Slimer and gang. Well, for folks who still cannot get enough of Ghostbusters more than two and a half decades down the road, perhaps this replica from Mattel might pique your interest – it is a new Ghostbusters ghost trap replica that was inspired by the 1984 movie, where it will hit the market this October for $135 a pop.

Sure, it is not going to capture Aunt Petunia’s roving spirit when you open it, but at least it comes in two modes to make it look all the more realistic. The doors will open when you step on the attached pedal, where the array of status and indicator lights will blink to let you know that you have snagged yourself a ghost. When you switch the same trap to ‘Movie’ mode, it will do something similar, albeit with more aplomb. For starters, the light show is more animated and there are extra sound effects whenever the trap’s doors close. Heck, it will even offer vibrating feedback to make it seem all the more real. Something for this Halloween, perhaps?


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