There is just one thing about robots that tend to fascinate mankind – otherwise, how else do you explain the amount of money raked in by the Transformers franchise over three films, despite the fact that the second and third parts were unable to live up to the first movie in terms of storytelling and fleshing out of its characters? Not to mention other robot films and cartoons that had made an impact in our lives all these years, too. For those who feel that they have this strange attraction to Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, here is one memento that you definitely could make do with in your living room – a 2.7 meter tall Optimus Prime.

I am quite sure in real life (fictionally speaking, that is – I know that came across as weird), he is far taller than this, but considering this is a hand-made effort that was built using recycled metal, useless auto parts as well as other machines, it is a true masterpiece. The asking price for this half ton behemoth? We are looking at $10,500 here, and that does not even take into account shipping costs.

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