Those who are well traveled would know that different countries do have their own set of road rules, language and customs amidst a myriad of differences from the world that you are so familiar with back home, and this would also include the kind of power outlets that they carry. Well, since we tend to tote around a slew of gizmos these days, getting the right kind of adapter is often left at the end of our shopping list, that we sometimes forget to get one even at the airport itself. Never go through such moments again with the $19.99 Global Power Converter, where it will come in a hard plastic case which is sturdy enough for your travels, holding 5 adapter plugs for various countries across all continents, delivering 120v power from 220-240v foreign outlets to boot.

Coming in an easy-to-pack box, the aforementioned 5 adapter plugs will play nice in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, Middle East and the Caribbean. It will play nice with electrical appliances that require up to 1600 watt and electronic devices up to 50 watts, anything more than that and you can forget about it.

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