Last Christmas I was searching for that special gift for my daughter and I was looking for something that would be a little more magical than your average wind up toy, or board game. Of course she wanted a puppy or a rat. I tried to find a compromise and I think I found something pretty cool, while its not a rat, it is quite beautiful to behold and easy to care for. We set it up this weekend.

Welcome Glofish, really amazing fish originally bred to help scientists detect environmental pollutants( that add vibrant color and excitement to your tank.) These little fish are flourescent and seem to retain the light, or glow. When coupled with a special blacklight aquarium, the effect is nothing short of psychadelic. While they are as easy to care for as regular fish, there isnt anyone who hasnt seen the tank and been mesmerized.

Glofish are unique, and their sale is covered by a number of patents and pending patent applications, so unfortunately at the present time these fish are only available in the United States (except California) The fish are available in Starfire red, Sunburst orange, Electric green, Cosmic blue and the new Galactic purple. The fish are available online or in-store at select retailers, check  to see the fish, available for around 5 bucks a piece.

For the ultimate display of your new friends you may want to opt for a Glofish aquarium, optimized with special color enhancing LEDs that dramatically enhance the look of your fish and are available from for around 42 dollars.

So we love our new aquarium and she uses it like a nightlight, enjoying her glow in the dark fish.. but we all know she still wants a rat. Right?

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