I guess it all started with Play-Doh, then we had modeling clay, then came the ultimate moldable time killer, Silly Putty. I used to spend hours making it bounce, pressing it into the Sunday funnies and stretching out all the faces and then, well, that was about it. We have had a few interesting new compounds, but nothing that could kill a Sunday like Silly Putty. Until now…

Enter the world of Glux. Glux is a unique super putty that can bounce, it can stretch, it can tear like a piece of paper and it can even shatter like a piece of glass or ceramic. You can use your Thermochromic Glux to work out your stress, exercise your hands or unlock your creative genius. This particular Thermochromic Glux arrives a solid orange color; that is, until you touch or rub it, thats right, you really need to fondle your Glux. The Glux reacts to your body’s heat and will turn from orange to yellow, kind of like a mood Glux. You can create two color designs, draw pictures on your Glux, or just turn the whole ran thing yellow, all with one of your magical hands!

So surprise and amaze your friends, your kids, yourself, this stuff is awesome, heat sensitive, has unique color changing abilities and wont ever dry out. Don’t limit yourself and miss out on the other Glux products like Iridescent Glux, Glow Glux, Gold Glux  and the ever popular Magnetic Glux. You know, one can never have too much Glux.

Recommended for ages 7 and older.

At  www.amazon.com for less than $7.00 bucks.

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