Google Chrome's Best Feature Is Not Working ProperlyAt least it isn’t just me! TheNextWeb is reporting a problem with Google Chrome’s beloved URL bar search feature. The beauty of Chrome is that you don’t need to open a tab and go to Google in order to search something. It’s already Google! It understands. Usually.

For the past few hours I’ve be unable to get results for when I enter any given search terms into the URL bar. I sort of thought it was just a fluke, because my internet has been cutting in and out all night (TimeWarner! You’re next!), but apparently I’m not alone! TheNextWeb has found others dealing with the same problem.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Just now I typed “cats” into the URL bar, and pressed Enter, as I usually do when performing a search.

Google Chrome's Best Feature Is Not Working ProperlyFor a split second, this screen (pictured on the left) flashed, looking almost as if the search was going to go through—except it flashed away superfast to reveal a blank white page with the below in the URL bar:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r

Chrome has had its fair share of snafus lately, what with the great MacBook Air freakout of last week, forcing many of us to make do with Safari (or whatever else you left behind when Chrome first rolled out) till they get yet another update up and out.

Google was not immediately reachable for comment at the time of publication. Though, if and when we do hear back from them, we’ll be sure to update.

In the meantime, anyone else experiencing this? Or, perhaps more importantly, any lucky souls out there who have not a clue what I’m talking about? [TheNextWeb]

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