Google TV Update: Inching Toward UsabilityGoogle TV just announced an update its TV & Movies App with more personalization features designed to make it easier to use and smarter about the shows you want to watch.

The TV & Movies App is basically the backbone of Google TV. It’s sort of like a next generation DVR that can not only pull from cable (or satellite) TV, but also Internet TV from Netflix and YouTube, even podcasting channels and the like. Google is going full bore on making this a more personal and enjoyable experience.

That starts with a revamped interface that provides more information about the shows you want to watch and what’s on TV right now. Add a channel to your favorites and the app will now tell you what show is currently playing there. More info below each show lets you know if it is new or not, and lets you rate or banish a program. And it’s trying to get smarter about what you want to watch as well. Now when you log in to the new app, you’ll be asked to rate various movies and shows so it can get to know you and suggest good shows.

All of which sounds pretty great, and hopefully will go a long way towards addressing, er, this problem:
Google TV Update: Inching Toward Usability

The app rolls out today. You can grab it here. [Google TV Blog]

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