This Green Power Island is designed to combat two things that the Earth might be greatly lacking in the future: land and energy.

The architectural firm of Gottlieb Paludan from Copenhagen created a serious combination of eco-friendly power with the wind turbines near the shore, not to mention all of the solar panels taking up the landmass.

That’s pretty visible from this mock-up image, but what you don’t see is that the green space is for “biofuel crops”. Not only that, seawater is pumped into a lagoon-like reservoir, which is emptied by the turbine-powered pumps when it is low. These turbines also allow water to flow back into the reservoir during times when water is in demand.

I’m sure that you can tell that Green Power Island is nothing more than a concept for now, and it would probably take millions to make it a reality.

Still, if you had the money and the resources to create it, then you probably disprove the saying of “no man is an island”. Instead, you can say, “Dude, I’ve got biofuel crops and a bunch of renewable energy, and I am an island”.

Villainous masterminds, I would definitely try and put a pre-order for one of these. Just make certain that you have enough power for your deathtraps around the perimeter.


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