Kids love playing, but most of the time these days, the kind of games that they play are of the video variety. It is about time you helped them get out of the house and lose that pasty complexion, where running around in the park and rolling in grass should be made as a mandatory childhood experience – not to mention climbing trees and having hours of fun in a treehouse. Well, apart from playing, I have yet to find a normal child who loves colors – the more, the merrier. This is where Griffin and Crayola’s partnership looks set to bear plenty of fruit – in the form of the Crayola MyPhones, Color Clickers and Crayon Classics, where we shall take a closer look at all three right after the jump.

First of all, there is the Crayola MyPhones which is a pair of fully adjustable, volume-limiting earbuds and headphones which are – but of course, kid-sized. After all, it is the growing trend these days that kids are exposed to ever increasing levels of sound. Take a gander at our commercials on the TV – a normal show sounds just fine until it is time for some ads to run, where the audio level increases noticeably, sometimes causing a shock as well to the entire household. With the $24.99 Crayola MyPhones, you need not worry about your little one losing his or her hearing so soon, thanks to an integrated sound-control circuit which caps peak volume levels at 85 decibels or lower.

As for the $14.99 MyPhones Earbuds, these will carry Crayola’s iconic crayon wrapper design, sporting individual carrying cases for that personal touch, while coming in a shape of a Crayola crayon. It will open up to feature 3 sizes of soft silicone ear cushions, where there ought to be one just for every and any kid in the household. You can choose from Crayola colors such as purple pizzazz, cotton candy (pink), caribbean green, and blue berry.

Last but not least, you can offer a different method to protect your iPod touch, thanks to the existence of Color Clickers and Crayon Classics. Crayola Color Clickers will merge a protective polycarbonate shell with 28 interchangeable color stripes, offering young iPod users the option of coming up with their very own color combinations throughout the week, making them feel that they have a spanking new iPod each time. Color Clickers will come in green and yellow alongside coordinating color stripes.

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