Commercial Property coverage

Guide to Commercial Insurance Coverage

If you own a commercial property, then you need commercial property coverage. If you’ve never shopped for coverage before, then this guide to coverage should help.

Basics of Coverage

Commercial property insurance will cover property that ends up damaged in the event of a disaster. It provides you with a way to purchase replacements or make repairs. A commercial property insurance covers:






You need to make sure all of the aspects of your business have coverage.

Add-Ons for Commercial Properties

There are coverages that go beyond the basic coverages. Some of these coverages may help you in case of:

Income loss


Natural events

In many cases, you may need add-on insurance. For instance, if you are in a place that has earthquakes or floods, you need to have more than the basic policy. Likewise, if you own equipment that is specialized and needs extra coverage, you’ll have to add on.

Policy Limits

All policies have limits. Often, after a disaster, people are stunned to find that they are inadequately insured. It’s crucial that you do research and ask questions of your insurer. Otherwise, you may not know if you have the right coverage or enough coverage.

When you need commercial property coverage, it’s crucial that you find coverage that matches your business. Every business has different needs and you need to cover your specific circumstances.