Hackers Get Nintendo Virtual Boy Games Running On a 3D TV: Prepare To Burn Your Retinas Again In what has to be one of the least requested hacks of all time, the folks over at Bureau Voor Gamers have managed to get games from Nintendo’s first attempt at 3D gaming, the Virtual Boy, to run on a modern 3D display.

The hack also lets you play using a Wiimote, but the biggest improvement is that the games are no longer only displayed on burning red LEDs. They’re only black and white now like on the Game Boy, but at least you can play for longer than two minutes before you have to walk away and squeeze an entire bottle of eyedrops onto your cornea. But as one of ten people who actually liked the Virtual Boy, I’m kind of excited about this hack. [Bureau Voor Gamers via Tiny Cartridge via GoNintendo]

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