Hajime Research Institute working on a real 13-foot robot

Hajime Research Institute working on a real 13-foot robot

You know those pictures of Before and After? What you are seeing here is the After and Before.

The “before” is the photo of Hajime Sakamoto, and he is working on a genuine 13-foot robot like you see in science-fiction films like Real Steel. Sakamoto is gesturing to what will be the legs of this robot, and you can see the pastel-colored head, arms, and torso in the “after” shot.

The Hajime Research Institute is looking for contributors and sponsors to make this robo-giant, and there is even going to be room for a human pilot. I suppose that what he is wanting is some sort of robot that can be operated for heavy lifting, maybe?

If the 13 foot tall robot is successful, then he plans to follow it up with a 26 foot robot. Then he wants to do a 59 foot robot, and so on. You can see where this is going: a giant robot that will stomp through Japan. Someone better call the Power Rangers.

Okay, that is getting into some science-fiction imagination territory, but I guess Sakamoto really wants to develop a giant robot. Perhaps he really wants to see science fiction come to life. He is not alone.


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