Dallas Light Bulb, a leader in consumer lighting products, is selling Halco LED amber colored lightbulbs to hotels in Miami Beach, Florida, in the hopes that they can meet the standards for Turtle Light Certification. The amber light is being used instead of traditional, white light to combat turtle nesting and hatchling issues caused by exterior, artificial lighting on beachfront properties.

Florida’s turtle nesting beaches seem to face many natural and unnatural threats. Forty percent of the beaches are classified as eroded from natural causes. Seawalls and imported sand have negatively impacted sea turtle nesting habits and changed the natural ecosystems, making some areas inhospitable nesting sites, and most of all, beachfront development has posed a formidable threat because the artificial lighting of beach areas disorients baby turtles and they end up dying from lack of water.

It is illegal in many areas to harm sea turtles, their nests or hatchlings. Miami Beach is a nesting habitat for these turtles. Annually, from April-November, sea turtles nest on Florida’s beaches. Female sea turtles lay approximately 100 eggs per nest and prefer dark beaches for their nesting, however, much of Florida’s coastline is understandably brightly lit. This poses a threat to nests, which are not properly hidden. Sea turtle hatchlings are instinctively attracted to the moon and stars reflecting off the water. Artificial lighting distracts hatchlings away from the ocean and towards beachfront properties and many hatchlings die before they reach water.

The Halco “turtle-friendly” bulbs are available at Dallas Light Bulb for less than $40.00 bucks a piece. A small price to pay, for the safety of millions of baby sea turtles.


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