I have reported on DYMO’s products before, and they are very good at putting out label makers like the 360D and the LabelManager 260P.

The newest member of the DYMO team, the LabelManager PnP (Plug and Play), is not an independent label printing device but requires a computer for it. It is capable of printing labels that are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch wide, provided it has the proper cartridge, the D1 label cassette.

The best part about the LabelManager Pnp is how well it lives up to its Plug and Play feature. It really is incredibly easy to use, as you just plug it into the USB port. From there, my computer recognized the device immediately, and I didn’t have to download any CD-Rom software for it.

From here, it is as simple as typing out a message and hitting the print button. The label was a little difficult to peel, but if that is the most difficult part of using this device, then I would say this is a hit.

If you are into the whole label making thing, then you probably want to get yourself a LabelManager PnP. It is available in several stores and for about $57.89 on Amazon right now.

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