I got a chance to try out some of Snakebyte’s gaming accessories last week, and I have to admit, I was pretty impressed.

The first was the Wii MiniMote Controller, which is the red Wii controller on the left. You might have noticed how small it is, and you are right. It is actually twenty –five percent smaller than the Wiimote. I found that it fits quite comfortably in my hand for a lighter gaming experience.

As for the Premium Remote XL+, it looks like a regular Wiimote. It does have that Wii Motion Plus Sensor built-in, and there are some other features that I will talk about after the jump.

You should probably know that the Wii MiniMote takes AAA batteries instead of the usual AA. That is probably something that should be put on the box. The Premium Remote XL+ takes AA batteries, but you have to unscrew the back to put them in. At first I thought this was a terrible feature, and I noticed that it comes with rechargeable batteries as well as a USB charger. So you don’t have change the batteries, but connect it via USB to the Wii for power.

You should be able to get these terrific video game accessories at the Snakebyte website now. The Premium Remote XL+ is on sale now for $27.99 and the Minimote is about $23.99.

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