Have You Checked Your Milton Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Renewal?

Have You Checked Your Milton Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Renewal?

There is no getting around the fact that you have to carry auto insurance to satisfy state mandated financial responsibility laws in Milton Pennsylvania.  Just because you have to carry Auto Insurance Milton Pennsylvania does not mean you have to pay too much for your auto insurance.  If your insurance renewal premiums increase each and every year you must check your policy for accuracy.  Failing to check your policy every renewal is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.  Follow the tips below and check to see if your insurance company is rating you accurately.

Annual Mileage Ratings

Insurance companies in the state of Pennsylvania use statistics to calculate how much they should charge each policyholder.  One statistic used to rate auto insurance policies is annual mileage.  Understandably, wise insurance companies charge higher premiums to individuals who drive their vehicle more.  Most insurance agents will assign you the average annual mileage unless you inform them how much you drive on average.  Make sure you check your declarations page to see how you are being rated.  If you drive less than 12,000 miles per year, you may need to provide an annual odometer reading to keep your rates low.

Vehicle Usage Ratings

Another area to review when you receive your Auto Insurance Milton Pennsylvania renewal is vehicle usage.  In auto insurance terms, vehicle usage refers to what you drive your vehicle for.  If you drive to run errands, you are rated a pleasure user.  If you drive to and from work or school, you are rated a commuter.  If you drive to multiple locations for work, you are rated a business user.  If you have changed jobs, moved, or retired, you may qualify for a lower rating.  Make sure your vehicle usage rating is accurate and make changes if necessary.

Garaging Location

If you have recently changed your address, you should check your garaging location for accuracy.  Your auto insurance policy lists two different addresses.  The first address is your mailing address.  The second is the address where your vehicle is parked on a regular basis.  If you changed your mailing address, there is a chance your garaging address was never located.  If your zip codes do not match, make sure to have this updated immediately.  If there is a lower level of claims in your new zip codes, your premiums could decrease significantly.

Before you start requesting auto insurance Milton Pennsylvania quotes, check your policy for accuracy.  When you switch auto insurance companies, you lose your loyalty discounts you have earned over the years.  You do not have to lose your loyalty with a company just to save money.  Review your renewal immediately and qualify for lower ratings and discounts.


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