You never know what you wIill find at CES, especially when you are not looking for it. In my case, I was just wandering past the Verizon booth, and was quite prepared to ignore it. I usually ignore the larger booths at CES, as they are the bigger companies, and I have usually already heard what they have to say.

I was stopped by someone who wasn’t really related to the Verizon booth, and he wanted to show off this head-mounted computer that you see this handsome man wearing in the picture. Even though it makes me look like one of the Borg from Star Trek, on my left eye is a display. I found that I could view images just by focusing, and it was sort of like aiming an arrow with one good eye.

As for interacting with the display, that requires vocal commands, the man who was showing me the product called the computer “Golden-i”. To turn on the display, he would say “Golden-i, wake up”. From there, it was all about accessing a menu like an iPad, except with my voice and not my fingers.

In case you are worried about the small amount of real estate that this tiny screen has to offer, let me alleviate your concerns. The user is allows to bring up many images, and can turn his or her head to see each one. In other words, it makes up for lack of space.

Sadly, one cannot just go to the store and buy one of these. I believe that the future of this tech is a pair of video goggles that will fold up and slip into the pocket, but I’m not certain how far away we are from that.

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