Lungs are an important part of life. People with breathing problems constantly fight for the next lung full of air, curtail their activities and have high medical bills. In many industries, respirators are required to protect workers. Although these valuable products strain dust and other particles from the air, workers object to wearing these devices as they are uncomfortable and hot. Fortunately a cost-effective option is available in Moldex Respirators.

Breathing Problems

The lungs act as a large set of billows bringing fresh, clean air into the body where it is processed, absorbed into the bloodstream, circulated and exhaled removing carbon dioxide. Many people have problems as these airways become partly blocked with swelling or mucus. Pollutants, like cigarette smoke, air pollution, dust and chemicals, often caused these problems resulting in coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing. Sometimes medication or extra oxygen helps. As these problems progress, regular activities are restricted or eliminated.

OSHA Requirements

To protect some workers, the federal government requires respirators. Because exposure to dust, fiberglass, gases, vapors and other items can result in lung problems, cancer, other diseases or even death, OSHA requires the air filtering devices fit properly, seal out hazardous air and are properly cleaned, stored and maintained. In 2010, OSHA issued 3803 respiratory protection violations; these followed the top four violations of scaffolding, fall protection, hazardous communication and ladder use. Fortunately, Moldex Respirators is an affordable, employee acceptable option for businesses required to protect workers.


Finally, a company develops a user-friendly product.  Moldex Respirators has a complete line of PVC-free products with special features designed to keep workers cooler. An exhale valve lets air move freely from the lungs through the mask eliminating the normal hot air buildup making these products uncomfortable for long-term wear. These devices holding their shape even under hot, humid conditions are made with a special Dura-Mesh shell that stays cleaner longer. The N99 model can be used for welding as it is heat and flame resistance and meets all federal requirements. A mechanic for a transit bus company suffering from hay fever and allergies always wears one of these when he accesses the engine compartment for repairs. As the bus engine is located under the rear seat, the mechanic is overwhelmed with miscellaneous airborne particles, fumes and grime. This 13 year veteran enjoys both the comfort of this product and not suffering from asthma or any other breathing problems when he does this chore.

Protecting the lungs is a smart move for individuals and businesses. Breathing problems result in restricted activities, high medical bills and even death. The federal government is serious about protecting workers and uses OSHA to enforce their rules and regulations with fines. Fortunately, for businesses, Moldex Respirators provides a comfortable, affordable solution.

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