What’s better than a nice, soothing massage after a particularly long day at work? You don’t think there is anything better? Perhaps you might change your mind after checking out the Heated Massage Table – not only do you get a massage of your lifetime to date, but you will also be able to relax in its literal warmth, sending you to dreamland even faster than ever before. Basically, this massage table will emit infrared heat in order to soothe sore muscles, making sure your massage therapy session is enhanced by a mile.

Heating elements within the table will be able to generate infrared heat which will penetrate deep into your tissue, helping facilitate blood flow and loosening tight muscles. The heat is adjustable courtesy of the tethered remote, while the whole surface is capable of producing heat so that your muscle aches throughout your body are relieved.

With a 2,160″ sq. surface, you need not fret about not getting enough relaxation space. The Heated Massage Table can be yours for a mere $399.95.

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