Helicopter blades that spin like crazy are definitely not something you would want to deal with, especially when it comes flying in your direction alongside all sorts of different debris after a particularly bad crash. Not so with what Raffaele Iannello has done with this 1:6 scale of the legendary Hughes/MD 500 helicopter, debuting not as a combatant on the battlefield, but rather, as a piece of home appliance that will definitely turn heads at the 2012 Milan Design Week.

After all, this scaled down version of the helicopter is also turned upside down and remains permanently stuck on your ceiling, simply because it is supposed to function as a fan to keep you cool, instead of ferrying people from point A to point B while skipping the nasty traffic crawls that we tend to experience these days in gridlocked cities. The propellers have transformed it into an exclusive fan with four blades, where it will come in a shiny black color alongside a standard three speed motor that is activated by the included remote.

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