An e & o, an error, which sometimes causes financial harm to a business, can occur in any profession. In every business, mistakes will likely happen at some point. For example, if you forget someone’s salad at a restaurant, it’s a small problem. If you forget a part on someone’s car that you are repairing, then it is a big problem. Errors happen through the wrong measurements, ordering of wrong parts, product malfunction and so many other things. Sometimes they have larger consequences than others in different professions. Inadequate work and negligence can bring on civil suits. Covering human error is vital to your business.

When a customer holds a business or a person responsible for failing to supply the promised results or the quality of product they did supply, e & o would be to blame. Negligence can be brought up in civil court and your company could have to pay damages and restitution. The average company does not have enough money to cover the costs of these mistakes. A simple mistake can become very costly. Unfortunately they happen very often, and it’s important to be covered when they do occur. Mistakes like this have been compared to D & O, and these claims are different in that e & o is solely based on negligence or inadequate work. Many e & o’s occur in today’s business unfortunately, but there is now a way to cover your business if a suit does occur.