Here's a Clever Way to Make the iPad 3D I think there are maybe 12 people in the world who want 3D on their tablets so this is for them. Ochanomizu Women’s University has developed a way to turn the iPad display into a pseudo-3D display. Well, kind of. It requires a special device.

The special device is actually a cylindrical mirror that projects what’s on the iPad display but in a sort of 360 degree rotatable 3D-effect. It’s obviously not the real deal but it’s not as horrible as it sounds. They’ve called their technology ‘Anamorphicons’ and the mirror has touch inputs on the bottom of the cylinder (where it touches the screen and mimics fingers) and an aluminum cap to easily control the cylinder. I’m not sure what people would use this for but hey 3D on your iPad. Yay? [ via UberGizmo]

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