Here's How to Blow Up Websites You Don't Like with Bombs I know there are times when you’re cruising down the Internet highway, looking for a laugh as your hair is being blown back by AC when you stumble upon something so annoying that you start shaking your monitor and hope that it just blows up. It happens to all of us. We never do anything. But now you can.

Yes, with FontBomb, a little HTML5 treat by Philippe-Antoine Lehoux, you can plant bombs on any website and see the website get blown to smithereens. It’s so simple, just drag the bookmark to your favorites bar and when you come across something that deserves to be blown up (preferably not our site?), click the FontBomb and start planting away. The bombs tick down to launch a wonderful font explosion that’s not unlike seeing a beautiful waterfall. This is Internet justice. Get to blowing here.

For what it’s worth, Lehoux says FontBomb works best in Safari with Chrome a distant second and Firefox “way behind”. [FontBomb]

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