Hidden Wildlife Camera Captures Images of Austrian Politician Getting Frisky in the ForestSpecial cameras hidden in the Austrian part of the Corinthian forest to capture wildlife inadvertently captured photographs of an Austrian politician getting a little, er… wild in his own life.

His sex life, that is.

Carefully concealed, placed well away from areas frequented by people and packing motion sensors the camera was designed to record the wildlife of the forest in the Austrian region of Carinthia but instead caught the politician’s physical liaison.

Now, the unnamed politician stands to receive the equivalent of $25,000 in compensatory damages for having had his privacy invaded—if the court rules that this was, in fact, the nature of the case.

Legal experts said the camera contravenes Austrian laws restricting the use of surveillance cameras. Hans Zeger, president of Argen Daten, an NGO specialising in data protection, said official permission was needed to place the camera, and “at the very least is should have been marked with signs so visitors could adjust their behaviour and avoid the monitored areas.” But the Carinthia Hunting Society, the organisation which placed the camera, defended the use of the spying equipment.

It may ultimately come down to the court’s interpretation of “wildlife in the forest.” After all, we’re just a bunch of animals acting on our animal instincts, if you think about it, aren’t we? [BusinessInsiderImage via Poznukhov Yuriy/Shutterstock]

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