We all know just how Apple has been at the forefront of design in their products all these years, and here we are with what was dug up by The Verge – highly confidential prototypes of the iPad and the iPhone. Bear in mind that these are extremely early iPad and iPhone design prototypes, so they are very far from what you see today. The iPhone that you first saw all the way back in 2007 had smooth, curved angles, but those that were in the prototype stage sported an octagonal design – with sharp edges.

The prototypes were discovered in unredacted court exhibits which were filed on Thursday, and it did allow the general masses to be able to check out a rather rare look at Apple’s extremely secretive design process prior to arriving at the doorsteps of consumers, according to The Verge. The reason these prototypes were revealed was not because Apple volunteered to do so, but rather, they were forced to divulge the information after a July 30 jury trial against Samsung.


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