Holocube HC70, 70-inch holographic projector on display

Holocube HC70, 70-inch holographic projector on display

Sometimes, I have a video of the product that I am writing about, and I usually put it after the jump. It’s put there in case you the reader want to know see it in action, and I highly recommend you hit the jump and check it out now.

This a display of the Belgacom Holocube HC70, and it is a bigger version of the Holocube that we have reported on before.

The HC70 has a 70-inch transparent screen that can be viewed from both sides. It is powered by a Windows 7 Embedded machine with 40 GB of flash storage which allows it to loop eight to eighteen hours worth of three-dimensional footage with a 1080p projector.

The video shows some interesting things in 3D. These are things that I usually see before in these holographic displays like a cell phone, and a cute little kid that looks like she is in free-fall. They never seem to have what I would like to see in hologram mode, like the entire Star Wars trilogy, for example.

I wish I was at this place where they had this cool hologram on display. Does anyone know why they have this weird creepy music going on in the background? I think that holograms are pretty inspirational, and I would rather hear some more dynamic and not macabre music to accompany it.


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