I hope that I didn’t get anyone too excited about this headline. I mean, I always wanted a smartphone that has a holographic interface so I could communicate, Star Wars style.

This 3D Hologram TPU is not that, but it does turn your smartphone into something cooler. This is a screen protector that creates a cool holographic effect when the smartphone is in sleep mode. As you can see, you can choose from a variety of interesting holograms.

As you can also see, it is possible to see the hologram while the phone is in use, but just barely. I wish I could have a chance to try this out for myself and report back to you. Perhaps they will be on display at CES in January. If so, I definitely want to at least get a picture, but I don’t think that will do it justice.

Considering that most smartphone users use a screen protector anyway, I don’t see why we can’t use one that is a hologram. I don’t know if they have any other designs than these, as I’m not certain whether consumers will want monsters and aliens as their hologram of choice.

If you want to see a better view of these products, head on over to the Audiotronic web site.


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