I don’t know about you, but the general rule of thumb is this – ladies seem to take more pride in their physical looks than us men. We’re more utilitarian, wearing whatever we can grab at the moment before heading out for a social event without thinking too much about whether our turtleneck and jeans are suitable or not. The ladies? They’ve practically got an entire thesis down pat on what to wear for a particular event. Well, one thing’s for sure – they are also more concerned about the scourge known as cellulite, especially around the thigh area. This is where the $1,500 Home Cellulite Smoother comes into play, although I am not quite sure whether it is worth your time (and especially money) in checking it out.

How do you verify the effectiveness of a device like this? It is said to be able to smoothen and tighten dimpled skin caused by cellulite in a safe and painless manner. Taking over 20 years of engineering research, the Home Cellulite Smoother was developed in France, and sports motorized rollers that rely on gentle suction and massaging pulsations in order to stimulate fat metabolism. Each purchase comes with five treatment heads, cleaning wipes, and 20 replacement filters to get you started right out of the box.

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