Yes, the bitter chill of winter will soon be upon us for folks living in the northern hemisphere, and while there are many ways to keep yourself warm, how about getting a little bit of love and warmth from a gadget instead of burning up more logs? The £29.99 Hot-Rox Electronic Hand Warmer is said to be able to do the job well – where it can heat up to medium or high heat levels, taking around 15 seconds to hit 44°. Sure beats those heat packs that you need to place in a microwave, or one that depends on a chemical interaction within, no? Turn it off and it will cool down in the same amount of time, how convenient is that? Perfect for warming up cold mitts when you’re gardening, or even to have it follow you on a chilly winter walk.

Each purchase will be equipped with a USB charger, mains adapter and carry bag. The built-in battery is able to last up to 6 hours with the heat turned on in medium mode, but if you decide to have it go full blast in high mode, then expect around 3 to 4 hours of mileage. It takes around 2 hours of juicing up to reach maximum capacity.

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