When you hit the jump, you are going to see a viral video that looks quite neat. Not to be too much of a spoiler, but it features tiny hovering cars on a miniature racetrack.

It certainly looks real, and if you wanted to create a hovering vehicle, then the liquid nitrogen tanks that you see inserted in these miniature racers would be the way to go. Liquid nitrogen is both superconductive and magnetically repellant, so it can make objects float if you manipulate it right. The problem is that there is way too much evidence supporting that the video is a fake.

The first being that there is no “Japan Institute of Science and Technology”. Now if they had said “Japan Advanced Instituted of Science and Technology”, that would be a real organization. Also, the copyright is from Sony Entertainment and SCE Studio Liverpool, and in the center of the track is a logo for WipeOut.

So what this looks like is an elaborate viral video campaign for WipeOut, a video game. It certainly makes me interested in the game, and makes me wonder how difficult it would be to make a hovering car track like this.

Does anyone think it is odd that videos like this circulate online, promising some sort of cool technology when it is all a special-effects trick? I don’t mind as long as it says “Simulation” on it, but when it isn’t made obvious, this could be a problem.


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