I recently read an article about how The Jetsons was supposed to take place in the year 2062, which is about one hundred years from when it first premiered in 1962. We are about halfway there at 2012, and while we don’t have the flying cars, we do have video chatting.

The video chats on the Jetsons were always done with giant-sized TV displays, rather than the corner of the screen that we normally do it with on Skype or Google Talk. I believe that Biscotti, which we have reported about before, will give us all the video chats that the Jetsons have.

I finally had a chance to try out the Biscotti, and even though I tried it out on my own HDTV to communicate with a computer less than fifty feet away, I felt like I was finally arriving in the future. The Biscotti allows me to take a video call on my giant screen living room television, just like Marty McFly in Back to the Future II.

The only problem I had was during setup, and I realized there is a reason why the instructions specify to mount the camera mount first. I found that once the unit was touched in some way, it would often result in shutting off and on again.

All in all, I would recommend it for those who want the video chat communication via living room TV. You can get it for about $199 right here.

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