How to Catch a Plane--the Hard Way Since the dawn of time, man has continually sought bigger and badder stunts to prove his mettle. First it was “Slap the Cave Bear and Run.” Then it was “Who Can Hold the Lightning Rod Longest.” Now, it’s “Grab the Inverted Airplane Tail from the Back of a Motorcycle.”

David and Billy Werth are masters of the Inverted Tail Grab. As you can see from the video, as one brother speeds along an Indiana tarmac aboard a motorcycle, the other flies a bi-plane inches from the ground—upside-down—just ahead of the bike. The brother on the bike then has to grab the rudder of the inverted plane without a) running out of road and b) without wrecking the bike, the plane, or both. [Grayout via The Awesomer]

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