How to Run OnLive's Remote Microsoft Office on OS X, For FreeEven if you’re a Microsoft Office hater, sometimes it’s extremely useful to have access to its features. Well, here’s a quick way to achieve that on OS X, for free, using OnLive’s Desktop service.

OnLive offers a free service through which iOS and Android users can access an install of Office running from its servers. Now, thanks to the Bluestacks app which lets you run Android apps on OS X, you can also achieve it on your Mac. First demonstrated by Snowleo on the OnLiveFans forum, 9to5mac gives a rundown of the incredibly straightforward process:

First, you will need to download the Bluestacks application, and then register for a OnLive account on its website. Now comes the only tricky part: Bluestacks does not have a built-in browser, so you will need to open the Twitter app, and then open a link from within. From there, Bluestack’s hidden browser will launch with the link you clicked. Navigate to the XDA Forums, where you will download the OnLive Desktop .apk that installs just like a normal Android app. Sign-in to OnLive, and then you are off to the races.

Voila! A working copy of Office, running remotely from OnLive’s server, on your Mac. (One smaller pointer: it only works if you install the Bluestacks alpha 2 update, but you can do that from in the app.)

You might notice that the frame rate runs slightly slower than a native install, but this is a great trick for times when you just need quick access to Office for some reason or another. Let us know how you get on! [9to5mac]

Image by 9to5mac

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