How to Turn Your Old Netbook into a Mobile Security SystemThe problem with most security cameras is that they’re fixed—you’ve got to install multiple units around your house if you want to cover every room. Insdtead, the Oculus Telepresence system simply mobilizes your webcam-equipped netbook for sentry duty.

To the Oculus is simply to set up—users seat an old 11-inch netbook on the adjustable stand and install the open-source control software on an different computer. It’s compatible with iOS, Android and Windows (7, Vista, XP) operating systems. The Arduino micro-controller allows the webcam periscope to tilt so, while you won’t be able to do much to stop those burglers once they’re in your house, you will be able to pan up and see their smiling faces—as they steal your old netbook out of the Oculus. …Shit. [Kickstarter via PCWorld]

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