Hulu Plus App Is on Apple TV NowHulu Plus is on Apple TV now. There’s no official word, but the service is live on Apple TV boxes as of this morning. We’ll update you with more official information as it’s available.

Hulu appearing on Apple TV is a major concession from Apple. To this point, it had blocked other content providers, like Hulu and Amazon Prime, from appearing on its platform. The TV race has gotten tighter in the past few weeks, though, with cheaper alternative Roku being bought up by Newscorp—a major content creator and distributer.

Until now, the only TV and movie content available on Apple TV had been available through either the iTunes store or Netflix. Meanwhile, competitors like Roku and the Xbox 360 had additional services, like Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. Apple TV does have sports packages and apps like YouTube, but for actual TV shows and movies, this is like an overnight transcontinental railroad.

More than a softening of Apple’s plans for an brushed-iron-fisted future of content, this could also be the start of an opening up of the Apple TV platform. Apple TV might not be content poor, but it’s decidedly content middle class, compared to its competitors. We’ve assumed for a while now that third party apps were coming, and hopefully Hulu is the tip of that sword. [Engadget]

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