Humanoid Robot Mirrors Its Master, Courtesy KinectThis nifty Kinect demo involving a robot mimic is all sorts of amazing, but after I viewed it I couldn’t help but wonder: When people talk about Kinect, do they ever mention the games anymore?

Seems every Kinect story that surfaces on the net these days is about some glorious hack or modification involving the hardware, with nary a nod to Kinect Sports or Dance Central.

Since this is a post about a hack, though, we’ll talk hacks. This one is impressive! Watch how the robot politely mimics its masters moves, patiently waiting for the moment when it can cast aside its shackles, murder the poor sap in his sleep, and march on toward global domination.

The video is titled “Control Humanoid Robot with Kinect” and that’s somewhat accurate. Add a “for now” at the end and it goes from a simple demo to an apt prediction, just like that. [Robot Dreams via technabob]

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