Hybrid Snowshoes Let You Climb a Mountain and Ski Back DownMountain climbing is one sport that’s all about the gear, and with a set of Hive’s transforming snow shoes strapped to your feet, you’ll be ready to beat a hasty retreat should your climb be cut short by an avalanche.

Like any old pair of snowshoes, the Hives spread your weight across a larger surface so the risk of you disappearing into a deep snow drift are lessened. And a set of spikes on the underside coupled with a fanged metal crampon provide the traction you’ll need whether in deep powder or slick ice.

Hybrid Snowshoes Let You Climb a Mountain and Ski Back DownAnd while safety is of course important, that’s not what makes the Hive snowshoes stand out. When you reach the peak, the bindings can be locked down which retracts the toe crampon. While the spikes on the underside are attached to a plate which folds up, creating a smooth planing surface allowing you to quickly swoosh your way back down a mountain. [Hive via Gizmag]

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