Some of you might remember when we reported on the Misa Digital Kitara, a guitar that has no strings. As I recall, it exchanged the literal guitar strings for a touchscreen. I’m not certain what this Hyper Touch Guitar has replaced the strings with a touchscreen, and it is also the guitar without any strings, just like Pinocchio.

The design of the Hyper Touch Guitar is one that enables the user to change the setup of the instrument at the touch of a button, so one can go from six-string to twelve-string. I’m sure you all remember those guitars from seventies and eighties bands with the two necks, and it Hyper Touch makes certain you can have that sound and still travel light.

Of course, this Hyper Touch Guitar merely a concept for now. This is one of those times where I would love to have a time machine and show people from earlier times what a guitar of the future will look like. Although I can’t help but wonder if lute players from the Middle Ages would be impressed or distressed at the site of a stringless stringed instrument. I know that Beethoven sure adapted well to synthesizer keyboards in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


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