This NO Sign somehow manages to merge two fads of the early eighties into something that is still contemporary.

The fads I am referring to is that negation sign that was already on a lot of road signs before it made Ghostbusters the most recognizable logos in all of movie history. That film came out in 1984, and, during that time, there was a small fad of 3D. Yes, there was a lot of 3D movies that came out then, just like there are now. I remember most of these 3D films getting a lot of bad press like Jaws 3D, Space Hunter, Amityville 3D, and Metalstorm.

This NO sign is a sign of the a former time, but it is downright useful for our time. After all, we have areas where cameras and cell phones are not allowed, and that one with the cigarettes could apply to any time except the boardrooms on Mad Men.

This particular novelty sign can be purchased at the Book of Joe for a modest price of $19.90. That is pretty good, considering it is just a sign with an elastic strap to put a device the size of a hand in there. Right now, I’m trying to think of what I would put in the strap. Maybe I would put a small stuffed monkey in there, because I don’t really like monkeys.


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