I know that April Fool’s is still a couple of months away, but that does not mean you cannot be prepared for it earlier, right? After all, you need not wait until a particular day in the year to make someone (most likely you in this case) laugh. With so many prank toys having been released to date, it makes perfect sense to find something that is safe as well – case in point, the $14.99 I Heart Farting Sound Mug. Of course, you can always use this in tandem with a bottled Stink Spray, but that is another story for a different day.

The I Heart Farting Sound Mug is one unique drinking device that is guaranteed to carve some smiles around the office, although the more serious ones around you would probably think that you haven’t grown up at all, and they continue to wear that scowl on their faces all day long. Too bad for them, as the rest of your mates give out a quiet snigger or a hilarious whoop, as each time you lift up the mug, one of the six charming fart sound songs will play. Even better is the easily accessible on/off switch for those serious moments, and a removable sound chip that makes for easy cleaning. At least it comes with batteries right out of the box to get you started almost immediately.

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