In case you missed the joke in the title of this posting, it is an allusion to a song called “I Want Candy” by 80′s band Bow Wow Wow.

The SCANDY is a very cool device that allows you to scan a document with a smartphone. This is something that I have done before at libraries. I find that when I do this, I can’t help but feel like a cold war spy snapping pictures of secret documents with my spy camera. Of course, I do it with my smartphone, and it does slide together like those old spy cameras from movies.

It is difficult to hold a smartphone camera steady when taking pictures of documents this way, which is why SCANDY can literally screw in to the side of the table. There is a video of it at my Source if you want to see it in action.

I have to admit that what sold me on this was the man scanning pages like he was speed reading a book. Imagine doing that on a scanner!

Of course, I can’t really buy this right now. This is one of those Kickstarter projects that requires funds from users in order to go to the market. You can go to my Source if you wish to donate on it. I believe that $40 will get you your own SCANDY!


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