IceHuggy Koozies Keep Your Hands Warm and Your Ice Pops Frozen SolidFood accessories, like this neoprene sleeve for ice pops, tend to seem like contrived clutter… until you remember that everyone, at one point in their miserable lives, has used a beer koozie like it ain’t no thang.

Which is why I think the IceHuggy ($6.99) deserves a break and should be spared from ridicule. It was invented by a mother of six, so her little ones’ hands didn’t freeze around their summer snacks. It’s not the kids’ fault they can’t drink beer and look cool like the rest of us. Beer koozies keep your hands warm and your adult beverage icy cold—the children shouldn’t have to endure frost bite for the sake of a little warm weather refreshment either.

I know, I know: Making fun of these Popsicle condoms would be easy. But would it be deserved? [Foodbeast]

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