We saw the iControl Ferrari the other day, so here is something which is far less grounded – a helicopter, so to speak, that will take to the skies while your iOS or Android-powered device functions as the controller. The iControl Helicopter will ship with a Smart Link Control which will make it plug into any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android device, giving you full and total control of the toy helicopter as you manipulate the simple touchscreen controls to move the Helicopter around in the air. Of course, just as how all roads lead to Rome, so too, can you ditch touchscreen controls and tilt your device instead – forwards, backwards, left and right to make sure it is capable of ensuring the Helicopter goes in the direction of your choice.

With a three channel control, you and another two friends will be able to fly the iControls together, where built-in advanced gyro directional stabilizers are there to make sure that they are a cinch to control. You can juice up the iControl Helicopter after a long, hard day of flying via USB. Just bear in mind that infrared technology is in use here, making this a purely indoor flying experience since a combination of wind and short transmission range might eventually lead to a loss of control.

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