Wouldn’t it be swell if you could have some real controls while playing with your Smartfone? It just so happens…

Welcome iControlPad, a neat little gaming pad that “clamps” onto your iPhone or just about any Smartfone. The iControlPad uses Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile phone, so it really can be used with almost any late model Smartphone – or even your PC!

The iControlPad adds all the gaming features that make for successful play, like a D-Pad, analog nubs, 6 face buttons and two rear buttons and an internal 1500maH battery that can charge your phone via USB while playing.

The iControlPad has exchangeable clamps to make it fit most Smartphones out there. Just select the proper clamps and you’re ready to play.

iControlPad Ltd wants you to know that the iControlpad is a fully functional and properly tested controller, but as an early adopter you may have limited choices in the games and software that it can be used with. iControlPad encourages you to ask your favorite developers to support it.

If you happen to be an Android or iPhone developer who is interested in adding iControlPad support to your app, contact iControlPad Ltd as they have developer units available.

Available now, but buy it quick, they’re not making that many. $74.99 at www.icontrolpad.com

Source: www.icontrolpad.com

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