With so many of us using touchscreen devices these days, you could say that your fingers are the primary mode of interaction with such displays. This is very different from the first generation touchscreen display devices that came with a stylus, and if you feel more comfortable with a stylus gliding all over your device’s display instead of a greasy finger after having some pizza for lunch, then I would assume the cute looking $9.99 iCrayon Capacitive Touch Stylus would be able to get the job done, and get it done nicely as well. This is not something you might want to use in a corporate boardroom due to the lack of seriousness, but if you are a teacher who wants to “connect” with your junior school kids, then it would definitely be non-threatening and rank you “cool” among the students.

It basically looks and feels like a crayon, and it will play nice with iOS-powered devices, Android tablets and smartphones, and basically any other device that comes with a touchscreen display. Bear in mind that this is one crayon that will not leave smudges all over your wall if your toddler decides to get creative with it around the home when you are not around to supervise him or her.

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