Want the world to know how much of a geek you are? Well, you can always wear the Wi-Fi cufflinks on Monday, and since it is now Wednesday, try letting those who were not that observant a couple of days ago know that you are a true blue geek at heart, with the £139.99 iCufflinks holding the cuffs of your bespoked work shirt together. Made from the finest aluminum, each iCufflink will come with a LED power icon that is not static – no sir, it would be travesty for that to happen. Instead, these LED power icons would gently pulsate wherever you go, and needless to say, wearing this in the evening and at night would be the best times to make your statement of intent.

The iCufflinks also hold the distinction of being the world’s first open source cufflinks, simply because there are no others like it in the known market, and you can also download the schematics and CAD files, customizing the light patterns to pulsate according to your whims and fancy. They are powered by a couple of CR122 batteries, so having a spare pair is always a good idea.

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