With the number of gizmos that we carry around these days, even more so when one is traveling, you know for sure that having a charger with you always is an essential tool. After all, you would not want to be caught dead without batteries for your camcorder or digital camera on your holiday, do you? Here is a 9,900mAh capacity monster known as the iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger which will cost you $61.99, where it will work not only with iDevices, but with other compatible consumer electronics gizmos as well.

This ultra reliable lithium ion battery will have 5v output voltage, which should be more than enough to deliver more than a week of battery boosts for your device(s), and with 1 amp and 2 amp ports, you are able to power up a couple of devices simultaneously without missing a beat. This translates to around 50 hours of movie time on the iPhone and iPod touch or 17 hours of movie time for the iPad 2. To make sure bulk is kept to a minimum, it has a retractable USB cable, coming in the traditional, geeky rubberized black finish.

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