I have to admit that I didn’t see the point of iHome’s iDM15 Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speakers at first. After all, there are bigger speakers that you can buy on the market, perhaps at a cheaper price.

I paired these speakers with my smartphone, and I found that the phone’s external speakers could not produce the sound of the iDM15 with its Music 3D sound enhancement. In other words, the iDM15 is just enough to give you that extra “umph” of sound that can’t be done by a laptop or phone.

The iDM15 are Bluetooth wireless with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The user has the option of plugging in their phone or compatible device with a headphone jack and go wired. What really makes this product unique is that the user can take phone calls at the touch of a button with SoundClear Voice echo cancellation. Let’s see other external speakers, wired or wireless, do that!

These speakers also come with a protective case that you can see underneath the iPad in the image. This case can become a stand for an iPad or other mobile device of approximate equal thickness.

You should be able to purchase the iHome iDM15 Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speakers from the iHome website for about $99.

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